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What is b2b ecommerce software?

With the rise of the internet selling and buying online i.e. ecommerce is becoming increasingly common. Ecommerce can be categorized into four main types: b2b, b2c, c2b, and c2c.  When the transaction occurs between two companies that own a business over an electronic network, then it is classified as b2b ecommerce.  In this process, the selling company advertises and markets its product and services to a business that comes right after it in the supply chain. The operation can occur between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or a wholesaler and a retailer. As an example, if a cloth manufacturer sells fabric to a cloth tailoring business over the internet then the process is b2b.

Need of b2b E Commerce Software

Today companies are not just taking orders online with other companies, but they are also marketing and selling their products online. To manage the sales, companies need to make use of b2b ecommerce software. With this software the business essentially sets up an online store where the buyer can view a list of products, which can be separated into different categories, they can see up to date prices and inventories of your products from anywhere in the world by using the internet, they can buy the product online using a credit or debit card, and the can view their invoices and all their transactions. As a seller, the b2b ecommerce software will enable you to manage your online store easily, make it easier for the customer business to see your products, carry out the monetary transactions online with safety, and keep track of all your sales. Also, by integrating an online accounting package with your online store maintaining your accounts and analyzing them will become much easier.

Enhance your sales with b2b E commerce software

Using b2b ecommerce software will make managing volumes of b2b operations much easier for you, and it will also improve your efficiency and sales. By automating your marketing and selling you can make it easier for your customers to take decisions, and the chances of errors in the buying business orders will drop down to zero. By providing them a store where they can easily buy your products, you will not have to invest much in customer service to facilitate your customers. Also, using online store takes up much less time compared to taking orders manually. You can easily promote new products to different companies by analyzing their needs and by highlighting the features of the products that will fulfill them. Your online store will also ensure that your customer has no room for complain, which will help enrich customer experience and will enable you to build and maintain strong relationships with other businesses.

Top 3 b2b E commerce Softwares


b2b ecommerce software

If you have a business that sells to other businesses and if the volumes of your sale are too large to be handled manually, then b2b ecommerce software will make sales management much easier for you. There are number of solutions available. The most notable among them are IBM B2B Ecommerce Solutions, Nexternal, AceFlex, etc. You must choose the right solution for your business by examining their features and reading experts and customers reviews.

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