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Advantages and disadvantages of hosted ecommerce software

When setting up an online store you will need ecommerce software to manage your store. There are three main ways in which you get ecommerce software; you can either buy it by paying a one-time license fee, you can pay a software development company to design an application for your online store, or you can subscribe for hosted ecommerce software where you pay monthly fees to a company to host your store. Choosing the right solution for your online store requires some thought. Read on to find the benefits and drawbacks of using the third method.

Advantages of hosted ecommerce software

The first thing that is great about hosted ecommerce software is that they offer outstanding level of security to your customers. The server of the hosting company is protected and is not easily accessible so the chance of hacking is negligible. The hosted solutions are also PCI compliant so you can accept credit card payments while also ensuring the safety of your customer’s information. The security system is also constantly updated automatically. Other advantage of hosted ecommerce software is the level of support you get when you face technical problems. So, even if you lack programming experience you can run your online store without worrying about the technical details. Additionally, the hosted solution is regularly or automatically upgraded, while for other solution you will have to do it yourself and at times spend some additional funds to get upgrades. This solution for your ecommerce doesn’t cost much either. You might need to make a one-time payment lower than $100 and monthly fees which are less than $50. Much cheaper hosted ecommerce software is also available, and you get much more than you pay.

Weaknesses of hosted ecommerce software

This ecommerce solution has a few weaknesses as well when compared to other forms of solutions. Not every feature of hosted ecommerce software is according to your needs, while with custom software you design the software exactly according to your requirements. There are a few customization tools available, but still the level of flexibility offered is limited. Also not all hosted applications allow integration with other software like accounting packages, shopping engines, payment gateways etc. Make sure you don’t face problems with integration before subscribing for hosted ecommerce software. If the hosting fee is too high, then the monthly fee can be a problem as well.

Disadvantages of hosted ecommerce software

Getting third party hosting has a many benefits which come with just a few drawbacks. If one chooses the software carefully then one can surely make the most of the strengths of the software and the shortcomings will become almost negligible. With this solution anyone with little or no programming experience can set up an outstanding online store. There are many hosted ecommerce software available in the market, and you can surely find one with the features you need and the level of customization you would prefer. You just need to make a wise decision. Make use of user and expert reviews to make the best decision and ensure the continuous running of your online store.

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